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Mitel DECT Telefone

Mitel DECT Telefone

Flexible, Scalable and Reliable

The DECT infrastructure enables users to move seamlessly and freely within the radio network while staying reachable on the same number, even when roaming to remote locations. Employees can access their user data and profiles when logged on to any registered handset, enabling easy sharing or handing off of handsets between employees and shift workers. This flexibility provides an ideal, cost effective solution for many lines of business, including hospitals, hotels, security staff, prisons, and care facilities.

Designed for Security and Safety

DECT offers voice encryption on the air interface, protecting the link between the Mitel SIP-DECT base station and its wireless terminals to keep calls confidential and secure from eavesdropping. All Mitel SIP-DECT components are DECT security certified to confirm they are compliant with the latest security requirements of the DECT standard. On the IP network, Mitel SIP-DECT supports VoIP Security with encryption of signaling (TLS) and voice data (SRTP).

Connect anyone, anywhere, on any system

Mitel® SIP-DECT offers businesses of all sizes a comprehensive solution for cordless telephony on IP-based networks by combining Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) innovation with DECT, the leading technology for building multi-cellular radio networks for voice communication.