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Grandstream Access Points

Grandstream Access Points

powerful WiFi Access Point

Grandstream's powerful WiFi Access Points offer high performance networking, tremendous WiFi coverage range, fast and easy provisioning/management thanks to a built-in controller, outstanding network throughput and support for a large number of clients per AP.

Pairing with 3rd party devices

Grandstream´s APs can be paired with 3rd party routers, future Grandstream routers as well as existing WiFi networks, making them ideal for both new and existing WiFi deployments.

Ideal for office buildings, multiple floor locations or branch offices

Grandstream´s WiFi Access Point is ideal for office buildings, multiple floor locations, branch offices and commercial/retail settings. It works with any third party router/switch and offers a number of significant competitive advantages including tremendous network throughput, outstanding wireless coverage range, market-leading security features, and embedded network management capabilities without external controllers or single point of failure.