Patton Inalp SmartNode 4661 GW-Router 8BRI 4FXS HPC

Patton Inalp SmartNode 4661 GW-Router 8BRI 4FXS HPC
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The SmartNode™ 4660 provides a uniqueenterprise solution offering analog andBRI access lines to IP-enable PBX andfax lines, answering machines or door inter-coms separately.

The Ethernet uplink providesaccess to any existing modem including cable,ADSL, VDSL, EFM, and fiber. Also, sessionborder controller capabilities includetranscoding for up to 12 channels.Connect to any switch, PBX or data networkwith 2-8 BRI, 4-8 FXS, up to 4 FXO and 4Ethernet ports for up to 16 simultaneous callsusing SIP, FXS/FXO or BRI signaling. Likeevery SmartNode™, the SN4660 supports allthe industry-standard CODECs, deliveringtoll-quality voice on every call.

The Unified Communications Agent™ (UCA)provides any-to-any multi-path switching(simultaneous SIP, H.323, ISDN, and POTScalls with routing and conversion betweenTDM/PSTN and IP/Ethernet networks-plusT.38 and SuperG3 FAX) combined with dial-backup and IP-link redundancy for VoIP anddata survivability. Provide VoIP-over-VPNsecurity with voice encryption via IPsec withAES/DES strong encryption and automatedkeying via Internet Key Exchange (IKE), plusSIP Registrar for presence/reachability. Advanced router functionality includesleast-cost call routing with flexible dialed-number plan support. Additionally, Patton’sDownStreamQoS™ delivers the clear advan-tage of secure, uninterrupted voice-and-data communication.SmartNode survivability ensures businesscontinuity in the case where your networkgoes down by combining PSTN fallback withIP-link redundancy. Also, to ensure a smoothtransition to VoIP, the SN4660 assists in thenumber porting process by allowing incom-ing calls over the PSTN until number portingis completed with the VoIP service provider.Additional options include Patton’s uniquehigh-precision clock enabling first-line IPtelephony services in demanding ISDN andDECT environments with reliable FAX andmodem performance.Preserve investment in legacy phone equip-ment while taking the next steps toward uni-fied communications with the SN4660Gateway-Router. Art.No.: VOPATT4661/8BIS4JS24V

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