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Xorcom Astribank - 14 PRI - XR0114 - 1U

Xorcom Astribank - 14 PRI - XR0114 - 1U

Eine vielseitige und leistungsfähige USB Channel Bank. Speziell für Asterisk IP-PBX
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EC ModulVoice enhancement and echo cancellation; standard in this Astribank model
USB2 external USB 2.0 ports; one for main server and one for backup (when TwinStar option is activated)
Weight3 kg
Dimensions19‘‘ 1U
Mounting OptionsWall, Rack
E1/T1 PRI, E1 R2, or T1 CAS Module
Full PRI/R2/CAS ISDN support
NT/TE settings for each channel
Indicator lights for active settings and line status, per channel
E1/T1 support (configurable)
The Astribank driver has been an official part of Zaptel (a.k.a. DAHDI) since release 1.2.4 in February 2006, making Astribank compatible with any standard Asterisk* system.
Supported OSDebian, CentOS 5 CentOS 4
Supported Asterisk
trixbox CE, Elastix
Supported Extras
TwinStar™P/N LC0016; High availability solution for complete Asterisk-based systems (applicable to 19" units only)
Redundant Power SupplyP/N XR0108; Provides redundant power for up to 16 Astribanks
External USB HubsP/N XR0106; Housed in Redundant Power Supply unit, can support up to 32 USB 2 connections

* Asterisk is a registered trademark of Digium, Inc.

Art.No.: VOXORXR0114

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